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How Much Will Your Vessel Charter Cost?

When you hire one of our boats, kayaks, canoes or pedal boats you don't just get the boat you know. You'll get life jackets, paddles and cushions (yes cushions!) along with some safety basics. (This last part is really important so you can play nicely (and safely) and get the most out of your time on the water.)

We work on a 1hour minimum hire, but if you're having so much fun you don't want to come in, then you can rent in 15minute blocks (charged pro-rata when you come into shore).

If you want a boat for the whole day, so you can come out and go in whenever you please; we charge just 4 hours. It's a bargain!

All our boats are in tiptop condition but it's worth remembering that we don't have every boat at every location. If you've got your heart set on trying something in particular, give us a call and we can point you to the right spot.

Rental Prices
BoatSuitable forPrice ( tax incl )
Recreational Kayaks Child (7–12 years) $10/hr
  Adult (13+ years) $15/hr
Double Kayak 2 adults & 1–2 small children $20/hr
Expedition Kayaks Adult (13+ years) $20/hr
Canoes Up to 2 people $20/hr
  Up to 3 people $25/hr
Large Canoe (Tripper XL) Up to 5 people $30/hr
Very Large Clipper Canoe Up to 10 people $65/hr
  Add a guide to show you around $50/hr
Stand-Up Paddleboards Adult (13+ years) $20/hr
Rowboats Up to 5 people $30/hr
Double Pedal Boats (Model 200) 2 adults & 1–2 small children $25/hr
Quad Pedal Boats (Model 400) 4 adults & 1–2 small children $30/hr
Accessories (Dry bags or cases) w/Boat Rental $1 flat fee
UMass Boston Students, Seniors (65) & Military   $2 discount per hour
Lessons Check out more info about our lessons here
Bicycles (Bristol Location Only) Adult (Helmet provided) $25/half day (4 hours), $40/full day (8 hours)

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone talks about giving kayaking a go, but have never got around to it?

Or loves the idea of dabbling around in boats but doesn't know their aft from their anchor?

A Boating In Boston Gift Certification s the perfect gift for someone who's been putting off starting their next hobby. And trust us; boating will soon become their favorite hobby!!

Now you can purchase a custom gift card online and receive an emailed certificate right away!